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Here’s my new Frankie video for Britney’s Spears song ‘Piece of Me’. #TeamFrankie


stylish new couple alert!!


stylish new couple alert!!



Oh lawd.


VMA - august 24th


big sean & ariana grande

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this album excuse though


Which Romeo is your favorite? Mine is Leo :)


It’s practically impossible for me to choose between Leonardo DiCaprio (1996) and Leonard Whiting (1968)’s interpretations. Depending on the day I will pick one over the other but in the end I always go back to these two even if their Romeos are almost diametrically different.

DiCaprio, although his Shakespearean delivery isn’t always the best tbh, brings so much passion and angst to the character which makes him absolutely captivating to watch.

Leonard Whiting on the other hand gave a much more light, jovial interpretation which makes it all the more heartbreaking when the story takes a sour turn, crushing his spirit. It contrasts tremendously with the sort of innocence he held in the first half of the play.

I have to mention Seth Numrich’s Romeo (in “Private Romeo”) who absolutely blew me away with his performance. For a modern day, tame take on the role he still brought so much ardor and intensity to his portrayal. His Romeo was more calm and timid compared to every other interpretation I’ve seen of this character but every emotion and line was so rich and perfectly executed. He is honestly my favorite Romeo after DiCaprio and Whiting.


music snobs are the most annoying people on this earth like why are you so uptight about who is allowed to like a band bye